We live in a rapidly evolving world where prospects constantly discuss you and your rivals and where free media has a wider audience and more authority than paid media. In today’s society, not just computers and smartphones but also TV shows, billboards, and newspapers are getting digital.

a situation where command-and-control methods from the industrial age or even Kotler-style 4P approaches are no longer effective. a marketplace that calls for distinct business and brand thinking


We at BD IT LAB provide a completely novel method for developing your brand in the current digital era. An method guided by a different attitude, where we think outsmarting the competitors is preferable than outspending them and where we think improving the product offering can have a much greater impact than improving TV advertisements.

a method where strategy, user experience, research, web design, mobile friendliness, advertising, search engine optimization, viral videos, Facebook campaigns, Twitter updates, real-time listening, and responses are seen as a seamless set of tactics that flow from a single overarching brand strategy. a strategy that has substantially increased our clients’ market share gains. Read about our values, take a look at our work, and get feedback from our clients.

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Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh BD IT LAB provides 360-degree Digital Marketing Services which include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google AdWords, Bing etc.
  • Social Media Marketing: (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Facebook Marketing: Targeting high potential audience though Facebook page. Post Boosting and Engagement and Reach Targeted audience. Keep response rate over 95% and response time below 15 minutes on any comment and message.
  • Video Marketing: Engagement targeted video views by Facebook, YouTube and other video networking site.
  • Email Marketing: Targeting high potential 5 to 10 lac corporate clients.

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