Mobile development services

Successful mobile application development demands not only elegant design and friction-free UX, but also a keen understanding of the fierce competition within your app store category. BD IT LAB offers the perfect combination of technical expertise and formidable knowledge of the crowded mobile landscape.

What we offer

With 300+ unique apps delivered to date, our mobile application development team is your ticket to success in the App and Google Play stores.


As experts in both Swift and Objective-C, our teams ensure top-quality performance across every kind of Apple device.


Our Android squad specializes in personalized, highly efficient products tested on real, non-emulated devices.


One codebase: That’s all you need to deploy your app to the App Store or Google Play. Our engineers develop hybrid code so you not only benefit from accelerated time-to-market and reduced maintenance, but reach and engage more users.

Areas of expertise

As a hotbed of competition and swift technology evolution, the mobile landscape is in a state of constant change. Our mobile devs stay abreast of the latest and greatest in your industry and category so your app showcases best-in-class features and specifications.


No matter where you are in your company’s journey, you can rely on BD IT LAB software development experts to help you move forward with the right fintech solution, from banking apps and payment gateways to mobile security solutions.


Our healthtech expertise empowers us to deliver high-quality, fully HIPAA-compliant services that improve both patient outcomes and your business performance.


We build online stores, marketplaces, trade portals, and m-commerce apps, ensuring all of your sales channels stay connected, integrated, and consistent for a seamless customer journey.


Our mobile app development team provides solutions across the entire edtech spectrum, LMS or CMS, non-profits or otherwise.


Our BD IT LAB mobile apps support AI-backed personalization, content curation solutions, and predictive/prescriptive analytics to ensure your message reaches its intended targets.


Apps for nonprofits typically demand top-flight UI, data integration and visualization, donor payment, volunteer onboarding, event management, and the capacity to work smoothly under high load when there’s an influx of donations.

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